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Have Your Voice Heard: Select up to 3 priority vision points for Maharashtra

Regional Inequalities  

Ensure all districts of Maharashtra have very high human development (HDI score above 0.8)

Climate Change  

Become a leader in climate resilience, empowering all citizens to thrive in a changing climate

Air Pollution  

Provide every person in Maharashtra with clean air

Culture & Tourism  

Promote Maharashtra's proud cultural identity, showcasing our rich heritage through sustainable tourism


Provide pucca houses for all and build a slum-free and homelessness-free Maharashtra

Law & Order  

Build a Maharashtra with zero tolerance for crime, where all citizens feel safe and protected

Drinking Water  

Ensure all households receive 24x7 potable tap water supply


Eradicate hunger and malnutrition and ensure access to nutritious and sufficient food to all


Transform Maharashtra into India’s Sports Capital, with highest share of medal winners and world-class facilities


Ensure Maharashtra becomes the cleanest state in the country and that all cities are garbage-free


Eliminate poverty and ensure every citizen has a decent standard of living


Transform Maharashtra into a Global industry, Start-Up and Innovation hub with world-class infrastructure


Ensure equitable access to world-class and affordable education at all levels for all children


Eliminate farm debt and improve farmers' incomes, and transition to climate-resilient agriculture systems

Welfare of SCs and STs  

Build an inclusive society with equal rights, justice and dignity for SCs and STs


Universal access to quality and affordable healthcare to promote physical and mental well-being of all

Gender Equality  

Eliminate gender gap in socio-economic and political spheres and provide equality of opportunity to women


Ensure 24x7 supply of affordable and clean energy to all households


Youth First: Engage youth as partners in state’s progress and provide jobs to all

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MVF Concept

MVF Introduction

MVF Concept

Maharashtra Vision Forum is a platform for youth of the state to influence policy-making process and formulate a youth-centric agenda for Maharashtra. MVF seeks to build a movement to bring together the youth of Maharashtra to re-imagine Maharashtra’s priorities to formulate a vision to achieve equitable and sustainable growth by 2035 – the state’s 75th anniversary year.

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Frequently Asked Questions related to the MVF

Maharashtra Vision Forum is a platform for the state's youth to influence policy-making and formulate a youth-centric agenda for Maharashtra and its people.
MVF is an initiative that seeks to utilize young people's energy and innovative ideas to bring back the heydays of Maharashtra and ensure it returns to its position as the No.1 state in the country. It seeks to empower youth to become active participants in the state's development journey.
Any individual (18-45 years of age) from Maharashtra who is willing to be a part of the development of the state can participate in Maharashtra Vision Forum (MVF).

There are 4 steps to participate in MVF:

Step 1 - Vote to decide the top priorities of Maharashtra.

Step 2 - Register to give solutions to tackle Maharashtra's most pressing issues.

Step 3 - Submit your solution-centric vision plan on one pressing priority of Maharashtra.

Step 4 - Present your plan to industry experts and leading policymakers.

A person can cast only one vote and can select upto 3 vision points.
MVF is a platform that enables youth to play a central role in shaping the Youth Centric Development Vision for Maharashtra. It is an inclusive and efficient way for youth to contribute to their society's development actively.
The participants will get a chance to be a part of a movement to re-imagine and co-create Maharashtra’s priorities to formulate an actionable agenda to achieve equitable and sustainable growth. They will also be presented with a chance to share their solutions in front of leading policymakers of the state.
Youth represent a significant portion of the population and are directly impacted by the policies created and implemented. Furthermore, young professionals frequently contribute fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to policy-making, which can lead to the development of new and creative solutions to problems. Youth are the future leaders of society, and their participation in decision-making processes helps to ensure that the concerns and needs of future generations are taken into account.
MVF strives to increase youth involvement in the policy-making process and empower them to make a positive impact on society. It seeks to provide a platform for the youth to tackle the most pressing problems of the state and develop a youth-centric agenda for Maharashtra. By providing support and guidance, MVF equips young people with the tools they need to make their voices heard and effect change.
MVF is completely Non-Political; it does not belong to any political party or political ideology.

Rohit Pawar firmly believes that the active participation of the youth is essential for Maharashtra to achieve its transformative goals. He believes that the state's youthful and ambitious population has the potential to drive inclusive growth, create jobs, and bring prosperity to all.

Through the Maharashtra Vision Forum, he aims to provide a platform for the youth of the state to collaborate on a vision for the future of Maharashtra and develop a plan for achieving equitable and sustainable growth by 2035, the state's 75th anniversary year. By directly engaging with and mentoring the youth of the state, he hopes to foster a community of change-makers who are united in their goal of making Maharashtra the No.1 state in the country.

Participants should be between the age of 18-45 and a citizen of Maharashtra.
As a young leader in Maharashtra, Rohit Pawar is deeply committed to engaging with and empowering the youth of the state. While interacting with UPSC aspirants from the state in Delhi, he saw firsthand the abundance of innovative ideas that young people had to offer, but also recognized the lack of platforms for them to contribute to the state's development journey. In his role as a representative for the Karjat-Jamkhed assembly constituency, Pawar encountered numerous talented youth who had the potential to make a positive impact in their communities. To address this issue, he initiated the Maharashtra Connect program as a pilot project to provide opportunities for the youth in policy making. Following the success of this pilot, he launched the Maharashtra Vision Forum (MVF) to provide a platform for the youth of Maharashtra to collaborate and contribute to the state's development journey.
MVF aims to provide a platform for young people in the state of Maharashtra to share their ideas and energy, and to participate in the decision-making process that shapes the future of the state. The MVF was established in response to the lack of youth representation and participation in public discourse and policy-making in Maharashtra, as well as the disproportionate representation of youth among political leaders. By bringing together young people and providing them with a voice in shaping the direction of the state's development, the MVF hopes to create an actionable agenda for a more equitable and sustainable future for all residents of Maharashtra
Your data is safe with us. It will be recorded to highlight your support to the initiative and contact will be utilised only to communicate information about MVF (if you have opted for it).
For now, we have only launched a website ( for the Maharashtra Vision Forum.
MVF assures you full anonymity while voting. We will not share your personal details as well as the identity of individuals with anyone, anywhere.
Using the combination of 5 different parameters, we identify the uniqueness of the votes. So even in the scenario where someone is able to cast his/her vote twice, we will consider only the 1st instance of the voting.
One should become a part of MVF, if they want to harness the vibrancy and creative thinking of the youth and bring back the heydays of Maharashtra and ensure it returns to its position as the No.1 state in the country.
Yes, citizens will be able to view the results upon voting and those who choose to register on MVF website they will be able to come back and view results at any time during the voting process.
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